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This online questionnaire is aimed at foreign asset managers in Germany who have only been represented here for a few years or are still planning to enter the German speaking market. We would like to hear from you what challenges you have or had to face. We would like to consider legal and administrative issues (e.g. the question of a branch or representative office) as well as personal/individual hurdles (e.g. partner's job search) and other barriers to a market entry. We are also interested in how your fund offering in Germany has changed over the years. The questionnaire consists of only 12 questions, and answering should not take longer than 10 to 15 minutes. The (anonymous) results of the survey can be requested by all participants at the end of the survey with no further strings attached. The survey has been initiated by Gerle Financial Communications Ltd (GFC), a communications consultancy based in the United Kingdom specialising in supporting the fund industry.

Please help us getting a better understanding of the challenges for foreign asset managers entering the German speaking market by completing this short survey
If you are interested in receiving the results of the survey upon finalisation, please let us know your email address.
more than 5 years ago
3 to 5 years ago
1 to 3 years ago
within the last 12 months
we have not entered the German market, yet
a subsidiary ("Tochtergesellschaft")
a legal branch (“Zweigniederlassung”)
a commercial unit (“unselbständige Niederlassung/Betriebsstätte")
an external sales rep ("selbständiger Gewerbetreibender")
a “flying sales person”, travelling from our head quarter for meetings to Germany
a subsidiary
a legal branch
a commercial unit
an external sales rep
a “flying sales person”
the language
finding the right place / office
de-centralised country with many different financial hubs
travelling through Germany in general
hiring qualified staff
German tax system
finding right job for partner
getting access to good schools for children
fund related regulation
getting access to distribution partners
finding capable external Sales support
finding capable external Marketing/PR support
be ready for specific client service requirements
have fund related material ready in German language
Independent Financial Advisors
Fund-of-fund managers / Asset managers
Institutional clients, e.g. pension funds, insurance companies, occupational pension schemes
Private banks
international law firm
local law firm
international accountant firm
local accountant firm
international investment consultant
local investment consultant
international Sales support
local Sales support
home industry association
local industry association
international Marketing/PR agency
local Marketing/PR agency
When we say “local” in this context we mean a purely German business, not the local branch of an international company (e.g. Frankfurt branch of PwC).
added new funds
closed/merged funds
same offer as in the beginning
Real Estate
Real Estate
morelessroughly the same
- Digitalisation, incl. FinTechs, Blockchain, Token etc.
- ESG/SRI screening and selection
- New Work: flexible new methods of employment
- Regulation, e.g. DSGVO/GDPR, MiFID II, transparency register

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